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full moon meditation

Why Meditate During The Full Moon?

There's a way to smooth your path for the entire month by participating in the energy of the Full Moon.

Meditation on the Full Moon takes all the "stuff" that the Moon brings up energetically, (when everybody flips out),and releases it, so that the next several months are more peaceful and filled with greater ease.

What are the Reasons and Benefits of Meditating during the Full Moon?
1. Global Group Service: Blessing Humanity and Mother Earth.
2. Absorbing the Positive Qualities of the Sign of the Full Moon.
3. Partaking in a Spiritual Shower A tremendous amount of Divine Energy comes down and cleanses the aura and chakras and heals and re energizes our entire being. Bathe in the energy of the Masters and great beings of light.
4. Using the Divine Energy to Bless our Loved Ones and Projects.
5. Using the Full Moon Energy as a ®Shock:® The Divine Energy will push one forward... Inspire one to aspire for greater things.
6. Using the Full Moon Energy to Bless the Divine Plan.
7. Meditating during the full moon is equivalent to meditating everyday for one month.
8. For Pranic Healing Instructors and Arhatic Yoga Practitioners: Gathering the Divine Energy to concretize, energize and materialize projects (Kriyashakti).
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