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frequently asked questions

Answered by Capt. K.V. Kunhikrishan, Managing Trustee

Q: Must a healer be paid for his healing? I would like to help but I want nothing in exchange. Can I heal anyway?

A: The urge for selfless work is indeed creditable. Going one level deeper, you will find that there is virtually no organization which is free from the need for funds. All spiritual or non-governmental organizations working selflessly also need funds to manage their day-to-day affairs. Can we consider a telephone which will be free for such an organization or even this email which will be free! Necessarily, these will need to be paid. If any one, without identification to the self identifies with the organization, the need for funds will be found. We will rather use our funds generated from activities like teaching, etc. for our daily expenses in preference to asking for donations. So if the healer identifies with the organization, there will be a need for funds, generated by our own activities.

Q: Can a healer consider all healings as tithing to his organizations and thus turn over their earnings from healings to their organization?

A: May be yes, may be no in some cases. For PHFD, both types of members are welcome!

Q: I want to undergo a pranic treatment. Should I discontinue my allopathic medicines?

A: Pranic Healing is a complementary system of treatment. You do not discontinue any other form of treatment like allopathy, homeopathy, unani, naturopathy, etc. until visible or clinical gains are noticed. However, other energy healing systems are not advised to be continued concurrently.

Q: What is the chakral system and where it is originated?

A: It would be difficult to say that from where the first writings on Chakras came in, but there are innumerable books today on the subject. The system was not evolved in the right sense, but only came to be understood as part of the energy body. Just like the atmosphere has air in it and when it is in motion there are whirls existing, so similar is the energy body to the physical body and chakras presence in the energy body.

Q: How do chakras help in healing and why does the medical profession not recognize them?

A: Medical profession of modern times is dealing with the physical body which is termed as the Annamaya kosha or the part of the body which is mainly nourished by food. Any internal medicine thus works only like some special food. Chakras do not help in healing. Any energy body has many whirls associated with it. The performance of the whirls can be changed much in the same way as a fan can change the balance in a mass of fluid. Just like switching on of a fan will change the energy patterns in the fluid mass, manipulating chakras can change the way the energy body functions. There is a direct relationship between the well-being of the energy body and the physical body of all human beings.

Q: Indian scriptures talk only about 7 chakras. Are there more chakras?

A: In the Indian system, chakras have been talked about with reference to spiritual development activities. As we look at smaller and smaller envelops of energy many more chakras would become noticeable.

Q: I have attended a Basic Pranic Healing Course, however I feel I cannot scan [feel the energy body]. Because of it I am not confident about healing. What should I do?

A: Master Choa Kok Sui is bringing the knowledge of energy and healing to ordinary people in a plan of two days. The subtleness of the energy system prevents people from experiencing energies in mere day or two. Nothing other than practice of scanning that can bring this feeling to an individual. However, it is not a must that one must scan well for healing others.

Q: I heard that it is dangerous to practice pranic healing because of the danger of contamination with dirty energy. Is it true?

A: No, it is not true. Mere reason that there are accidents taking place on the road does not deter any one to drive or walk on the road as long as there is a need. It pays to be careful to follow the traffic rules. In the same way a healer has to also follow the precautions taught.

Q: I understand that all diseases are karmic in origin. Can a healer interfere with the karma of a patient? And if he does, is it right?

A: Even though the intention of a healer is to bring relief to the patient, a Healer cannot change the course of life of a patient by his/her will. A healer is therefore not interfering with the Karma of the patient.

Q: How long does it take to heal a person? Can a person be permanently cured by this type of treatment?

A: Yes, it is possible. Depending on the ailment and the healing being carried out, there will a time by which improvement will be felt. Sometimes it may be in the very first sitting or sometimes it may be after many. When the steady improvement comes up to a level at which the body system becomes capable of regeneration, then the ailment will be cured permanently. If healing is discontinued in between, the disease would reoccur.

Q: I have heard a lot about Reiki. How Pranic Healing is different from it?

A: Both are energy based healing systems. It is widely spoken that Reiki is treated as a ritualistic system, meaning that for specific acts carried out the results are predicted in general. Pranic Healing approaches more as a science and explains the actions and the science of the change that such actions bring about. Students are encouraged to intelligently evaluate all teachings rather than accepting them blindly. May be the best way of understanding is by undergoing a Basic Pranic Healing Course.

Q: Is Pranic healing a form of meditation?

A: While Meditation can be treated as Pranic Healing, Pranic Healing is not mere meditation. If Meditation can be looked at as basking in abundance of energy, Pranic Healing is having a scrub bath beside a water-tank.

Q: Do Pranic healers have to meditate or to follow any particular practices?

A: Meditations help everyone to maintain a clean and vibrant energy body. A healer with such an energy body will be able to heal better than anyone else with normal energy body.

Q: Do I have to be a clairvoyant or a psychic to heal other people?

A: The Pranic Healing system devised by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is intended for all ordinary people and does not call for any special psychic gifts. There is thus no requirement for a healer to be clairvoyant or gifted with special psychic powers.

Q: What is the ultimate aim of pranic healing? Where do you go from there?

A: The aim of Pranic Healing is to bring relief to a suffering patient. When there is any other lookout behind healing then the act of healing is no more because of love and kindness, which alone should be the singular motive for Pranic Healing. It is only natural that such healings will confer enormous blessings on the healer. For many healers such conferences may lead to change in the pattern of life itself.

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