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pranic weight loss

Pranic Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a billion dollar industry ranging from fad diets to designer fitness programs and products. The overabundance of information fills a simple need: the desire to loss weight. It is well understood that there is no quick fix, one-diet-fits-all or easy way to loss weight but the search for a more comprehensive, user-friendly and effective program continues.

A 6-week Weight Loss Program was designed to evaluate the effect of combined application of Pranic Healing, Exercise and Diet. The purpose of this Healing-Exercise-Diet Program was to focus healthy ways to promote and achieve wellness, good nutrition and a healthy and happy life.

Were done twice a week to apply Pranic Healing that included Meditation on Twin Hearts, affirmations and application of Pranic Psychotherapy and advanced color pranas on certain chakras and organs and Kriyashakti techniques. Simple Physical Exercises for at least 30 minutes daily were incorporated to assist in building fitness activities. We incorporated the 5 Tibetan Exercises performed twice a day into the program. There were no limits on age and abilities as these exercises were adapted to the subjects' constitutional make-up. The Zone Diet designed by Dr. Barry Sears was adapted as the nutritional rogram.

There appears to have a positive relationship with the combined use of Pranic Healing, Exercise and Zone Diet in achieving weight loss.Subjects were evaluated weekly for six weeks on the following parameters weight, height, waist, hips, waist-to-hip ratio, BMI (body muscle index) and essential blood studies.

Body sculpting using Pranic Healing were performed with dramatic effects.
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